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OUR oath

  1.  We want to educate and inspire you as we submerse you in the world of interior design.

  2.  We want to provide an impactful experience that will make you feel like you can't wait to come back!

  3.  We thrive to customize your experience and get you excited to decorate your space.

  4.  We believe that being surrounded by pieces you love and are proud of will enhance your quality of life.

  5.  We believe that loving your space makes you more efficient, productive, more energetic and happier.

How we do it…

  • Stock unique and quality home accents and accessories shopped by interior designers and made by artists.

  • Commitment to understanding each person’s home interior needs and wants.

  • Provide personalized and outstanding customer service.

  • Staying up to date on product knowledge to be able to provide the story behind the piece.




Deb Corning founded Deb Corning Interiors in 2001. Her goal was to create elegant and luxurious homes and office spaces. Her mission was to increase the quality of life for clients through design and remodeling. After several years of success with kitchen, bath, living space, whole house and commercial property remodels it was time to expand the company. The decision was made to find a larger space to showcase the business and add a selection of home accent/décor pieces for customers at the final stages of their home remodeling projects. In 2015, the company moved from the West side of Madison to Fitchburg and acquired a beautiful space to showcase their work and expand their offering of products. With business flourishing and with DC getting such a great response from clients about the showroom the company decided it was time to open it to the public. DC named the showroom “Décor – For the well-dressed home” and did just that in September of 2019. The public opening of the store prompted an addition to the team. Melissa Corning was hired as a Sales and Store Manager in 2019. The Interior Design team at DC completes all the purchasing and staging for Décor, while actively taking on new remodeling projects. The combination of interior design and remodeling coupled with the new showroom and additional staff has made DC Interiors and Renovations and Décor- For the well-dressed home an exquisite and hassle-free destination for all of your home remodeling and decorating needs and desires.

deb (2014_01_02 18_58_51 UTC).png

Interior Designer & General Contractor, President


Deb’s vision for making spaces more beautiful made creating her business, Deb Corning Interiors in 2001, an easy decision. With her passion not just for remodeling, but also for decorating homes she founded Décor – For the well-dressed home in 2019. With her unique eye for style and design, she has become an award-winning and sought-after interior designer, contractor, and remodeler. Deb successes include being a member of NARI, serving as vice president and then president, writing articles on the industry which are featured in different business and remodeling publications, and hundreds of successful remodeling/ contracting projects. Deb has completed residential and commercial remodels, in several states since 2001. She has also worked on commercial remodels such as The Jet room, Gervasi Insurance Agency, and Cinema Hair Studio. Through her creative, style, and commitment to her customers and team, along with her unique and timeless designs have made Deb a fierce and determined leader in the interior design industry. It’s likely that you’ll find Deb’s sense of humor contagious. Creativity and passion fuel everything she touches. Her dedication to her work has won her the trust and friendship of many. Deb is inspired by her experiences; new places, architecture, museums, and cultures. Traveling and enjoying family and pets are her prime sources of motivation.

thumbnail_4 - cropped  2x3.jpg

Retail Business & Store Manager, Interior Design Assistant


Melissa has been in sales and marketing for over 15 years. She studied at Blackhawk Technical College and completed her Business Management degree in 2018. Melissa joined DC’s team shortly after graduating in 2019. Melissa’s experience and education are a valuable addition to the showroom and the team. Her organization, planning, customer service, and sales skills have added success to the business in unexpected ways. Her passion for people, design, marketing, and process improvement has made her a great asset to DC. Her unwavering commitment to DC customers and their needs and desires shows as she creates a personable and unique shopping experience for everyone who steps into the showroom. Melissa has helped with advertising/ marketing, photoshoots, sales, and moving the company forward since she started with DC Interiors & Renovation LLC and Décor in 2019. Her commitment to the team and DC’s clients made her the showroom manager in 2020. Melissa has a passion for business, the design and marketing industries, museums, home décor, and sales. She also finds inspiration from spending time with loved ones, visiting or traveling to new places, and experiencing nature.

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